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Drill Bits Ireland

Look at Irelands largest range of Drill Bits, all are top quality drill bits we offer a range of different types of individual drill bits and also a range of drill bit sets at amazing value.

  • Blacksmith Drill Bits: Blacksmith Drill Bits are generally used for wood and steel drilling. They have a reduced shank of 13mm to fit all hammer drills and pillar drills.

  • Steel Drill Bits: All our steel bits are manufactured from M2 grade steel and are fully ground to meet the requirements of DIN 388 and feature a 135 degree non slip split point. We also have a long series steel bit range for drilling longer holes.

  • SDS Drill Bits: The SDS Plus system ensure maximum power due to its unique fluted shaft. They also enable a faster way of changing drill bits by the click in, click out system. These drill bits are mainly used in bricks, blocks, concrete, marble, hard stone, masonry, etc.

  • Core Drill Bits: All our core bits come with core drill, pilot drill and arbor. Can be used with standard drills and also SDS drills and can be used on light and medium density bricks, blocks and masonry.

  • Drill Bit Sets: Our Drill Bit Sets are a range of all the types of individual types of drill bits that we supply.

  • Spot Weld Drill Bit Sets: Spot Weld Drill Bits are a great way to drill out spot welds in panels etc, without drilling holes on the other side of the panel. They are made from cobalt high speed steel.

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