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Log Splitters from €249.95

We specialise in Log Splitters and supply these at the best prices, We have the lowest priced log splitters in Ireland.

We supply a range both horizontal and vertical splitters.

When in need of splitting them trailer loads of timber, an axe just does not cut it. Don't break your back swinging an axe for the day, when our machines make the job 10 times easier, and saving your back in the mean time.

We also supply a 400mm Log Saw which cuts up to 135mm logs in diameter. All our log splitters and log saws are CE Certified and carry a 12 months Guarantee!

If you require more information on Log Splitters Click HERE, this blog will tell you all the information on the function, types and the benefits of buying a log splitter.

We have 3 types of log splitters for sale; 7 ton, 8 ton and 9 ton!

The 7 ton splitter is a horizontal splitter and is a nice and lightweight machine, mainly for domestic wood splitting.

The 8 ton splitter is the smaller of the vertical log splitters and is run by a 3000w motor. This machine can hold up to a 22'' log while splitting.

And the 9 ton log splitter is the biggest and best splitter we have with a massive splitting force of 9 tons. there is not many a log it will not split. Whichever machine you choose, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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If you have any question about our range of Log Splitters or any products on our website please do not hesitate to call us on 022 40656

Remember we offer Next Day Delivery to 32 counties of Ireland.