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If you are getting ready for the colder winter months ahead, whether it be for farming even to the office or workshop, a heating system is a must for comfortable and workable working conditions. Here at Jebbtools we offer a wide range of space heaters, the 4 types of heaters that we supply are Diesel/ Kerosene Heaters, Propane Heaters, Electric Space Heaters and Waste Oil Heaters. Here is a little run down on what each heater will offer you.

Diesel/ Kerosene Heaters:

A diesel heater is an ideal heater for farm buildings i.e. milking parlours, grain sheds, farm huts and other buildings like garages, workshops and factories. The SIP Fireball Diesel range varies from the small 50XD which will heat an area up to 350m³ / 12,360cu.ft up to the Fireball 215XD which heats an area of 1500m³ (52,972 cu ft).

Propane Heaters:

Propane Heaters are an efficient, floor standing easily transportable heater for smaller areas which require quick heating. Ideal for offices, workshops, garages and even factories. Please Note that all our propane heaters need an Irish High Pressure Regulator.

Electric Space Heaters:

Our range of Electric Space Heaters vary in different types of heaters. Firstly we have a small 3000w Turbo Fan Heater which is mainly used for offices and workshops for quick and easy heating. Our range then goes to Ceramic Infrared Heaters, An Infrared Heater heats objects rather than the surrounding area. Infrared heaters are one of the cleanest heaters on the market as they do not have a fan, this reduces the dust disturbance dramatically making infrared heaters ideal for painting and workshops.

Waste Oil Heaters:

A Waste Oil Heater is ideally used in the motor trade for disposing of waste oil. Each waste oil heater comes with a flue kit as standard so that you are able to exhaust the waste gases externally and benefit from the heat generated by the heater with minimal fumes.

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